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Bio-Hack Your
Metabolism with AI

Analyze in real-time how your diet, sleep, exercise and habits affect your metabolic health

Hume uses advanced bio-sensors and lifestyle data to build your Digital Twin, a virtual avatar that predicts your health outcome and creates a 100% personalized health plan that fits your unique metabolism

Hume changes how people live their lives.

4.8  |  Based on 32,000+ Happy Reviews    

“Started @humehealth Tuesday. First “health app” I’ve been excited about. Very eye opening! 🤯”

Sara Lustig


Muscle Mass

81,9 %

Health Age


Body Water

62,3 %

Visceral Fat

81,9 %


58 MS

Body Fat

21 %

Bone Mass

19,7 %

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Hume changes how people live their lives.

4.8  |  Based on 32,000+ Happy Reviews    

How to Unleash Your Full Potential with Hume

Learn to craft sustainable health habits for life

Build a Digital Twin to unlock a new level of health awareness

Imagine having a virtual replica of yourself, designed to precisely mirror your unique health profile. That's what Hume's Bio-Digital Twin technology offers.

By constructing an accurate digital twin from your bio-sensors and lifestyle data, we empower you with unparalleled insights into your health and well-being.

Check your health status and get real-time feedback

Powered by AI, Hume runs predictive simulations to identify potential health issues before they occur. You will better understand your current medical status and prevent or manage health issues effectively.

Whether it's tweaking your fitness routine, adjusting your nutrition, or managing chronic conditions, Hume' empowers you to make informed decisions.

Get personalized action plans and stay on track

Crafted from the unique insights of your Digital Twin and health status, these tailored plans are more than just guides  – they are blueprints to achieving your wellness goals. Each plan is custom-built for you, ensuring it fits your lifestyle and preferences perfectly.

Let Hume be your personal health coach, holding you accountable and cheering you on every step of the way.

AI Personalized Wellness with Hume Fitness, Nutrition, and Beyond

Empowering you to make informed health choices and support your well-being 

4.8  |  Based on 32,000+ Happy Reviews    

“3 months ago i sign up for their weight program, but ended with losing 48lbs in body fat and also saw a big lift in my blood pressure”

Robert Lustig MD


Health Monitoring

Hume continually updates your Digital Twin with the latest health data, constantly refining your wellness path to meet your specific needs.

Checks your activity, nutrition, sleep, and stress levels

Shows a health score and creates personalized insights

Encourages you to meet goals and challenge yourself

Your Personal AI Fitness Trainer

Elevate your workout experience and achieve peak performance

Access science-based workouts tailored to your metabolism and lifestyle. Finally get program that meets you where you're at.

Fat Burn • Metabolic Health • Beginner

The groundbreaking workout that’s changed millions of lives.


AI Nutritionist

Reshape your relationship with food to build healthy habits that endure

Embrace healthy eating with our integrated meal planner, nutrition tracker, and calorie counter. Designed to optimize your dietary habits and fuel your fitness journey.

Never second-guess your food choices again with our intuitive food scanner and barcode scanner. Empowering you to make informed and healthful decisions at every meal.

Stay motivated and on track with our comprehensive progress report. Real-time feedback and insights into your health journey, helping you celebrate small victories.

AI Sleep Doctor
At Your Fingertips

Sleep is vital to your metabolic health. Irregular sleep patterns can adversely affect glucose levels, insulin sensitivity, and even lead to weight gain. That's where Hume comes in.

Hume connects the dots between your diet, activity, and sleep to generate personalized sleep programs suited to your lifestyle, helping you improve metabolic health and achieve sustainable weight loss.

Hume changes how people live their lives.

4.8  |  Based on 32,000+ Happy Reviews 

Recommended By Top Health Experts & Professional Athletes

  • Paul Biedermann

    Olympic Swimmer

    "To achieve the level that is required to perform in the olympics, understanding how to optimize my health is key and Hume has been very helpful with that."

  • Brittany Carter NWSL

    Orlando Pride

    Using Hume has been an eye-opening experience for understanding my metabolism. This is really help me to change some bad eating habits.

  • Erin Johnson

    Crossfit Champion

    "This is a great tool for learning how your personal metabolism works. It gives lots of tools and information that lets you learn how to make changes"

  • Eduardo Cossio

    Certified Fitness Trainer

    "Being able to use data to optimize my health has been a game changer, great product, with good scientific backing that I plan to use at our gym"

Science Meets Wellness

Combining world-class medical coaching with groundbreaking AI, we deliver tailor-made health programs uniquely designed for your body's needs. Welcome to the future of personalized wellness.

Hume changes how people live their lives.

4.8  |  Based on 32,000+ Happy Reviews  

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Hume Changes How People Live Their Lives

Find out why +100,000 people trust Hume

4.8  |  Based on 32,000+ Happy Reviews    

Terry Weiss


As someone who has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for years, I was excited to try this out. This has helped me to stay accountable and make more informed choices about my diet

@humehealth has really turned my life around. This is most exciting thing since the launch of the iphone


15 Sep 2022

James steinman (🇺🇸,🇺🇸)


the amazing thing about @humehealth is the personalized programs.

Gone are the days of restrictive diets or workout program that are not fit for your lifestyle. Everything is rooted in science. Being a beta user I was able to lose 20 lbs in just 2 months


25 Jan 2023

Alina Grudzien


Being able to understand how my sleep and what food affect my health has played a very big part in getting me in shape. — 🤯—



15 Sep 2023



Since joining @humehealth beta program for 3 months, I've lost 80 lbs! Who knew AI would be the fix to my problem after all this years..


15 Oct 2022

Sara Lustig


Started @humehealth Tuesday. First “health app” I’ve been excited about. So much data 🤯

Turns out my blood sugar spikes heavily if I eat lunch at 3pm on an empty stomach. (Same lunch at noon day before with no reaction.)


4 Feb 2023

Danny Thompson


I have tried every diet you can possibly imagine and nothing was sustainable in the long run, I always end up gaining back all my weight.

That's until Hume. For the first time I've actually kept my weight off and also reduce my blood sugar levels!


25 Sep 2022

Thomas Hotskin MD


Hume has has a tremendous impact on my energy levels. I have energy in my late 40's that I didn't have in my 20's I don't think I was ever this good of shape


22 Feb 2023

Stephen Sinclair


I'm so grateful they took me as a beta user. I unlocked new benefits that went beyond weight loss, I started experiencing higher levels of energy and mental clarity. Because I was more focused, I was improving as a father, husband, and employee


15 Oct 2022

Robert Moetson MD


@humehealth is going to save lives! 3 months ago I signed up for their weight program, and ended with losing 48lbs in body fat and also saw a big improvement in my blood pressure


1 Feb 2023