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To motivate our users to take the first step in living healthier, we are giving away $100k in cash prizes this summer.

Users with the most improvement in body fat % (recorded via the FitTrack Smart Scale) will win part of $100k in cash prizes. Only 2,500 customers can enter!

Our advance health program includes:

1 FREE FitTrack Smart Scale Valued at $99.95

12 Months of access to Hume Plus with personalized health coaching

Daily nutrition, activity, and sleep Insights and Objectives built specifically for your metabolism and goal


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3 months ago I signed up for their advance health program, and I lost 24 lbs in body fat and saw a massive improvement in blood pressure"

Robert Lustig MD


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Get Paid To Be Healthy

We’re only accepting 2,500 people in this program and the sooner you join, the better your odds are of winning!

Grand Pioneer of Transformation

Championing the user with the most remarkable personal journey


The Health Maestro

Awarded to the user with the highest health score


The Action Trailblazer

Celebrating the most active app user


Master of Influence

Earned by the user who most inspires others through shares and referrals


Goal Conqueror

Recognizing the consistent achiever who met all their daily objectives


Enter the Hume Forever Body Challenge for your chance to win!

Hurry - only 897 slots left!

4.8  |  Based on 32,000 Happy Reviews

How To Win

Get a slice of $100k in 3 easy steps


Join the Challenge

Sign up with your email address and get a Hume Plus subscription.


Follow the Hume Plus Program

Build your Digital Twin, get a personalized fitness plan, and stick to it.


That’s it

Commit to the challenge, improve your health score, and meet your daily objectives. Hume Plus will track your progress and you’ll be notified if you’re one of the winners.

How to Unleash Your
Full Potential with Hume

Learn to build sustainable health habits for life

Lose weight 8x faster and keep it off

Our AI uses the information gathered from you, plus your individual metabolism and body composition, to develop your own personal lifestyle plan that helps you keep the weight off for good

Improve your fitness & long-term health

Hume uses behavior-change science, which will help you find your inner motivation to lose weight, set achievable goals and learn to handle setbacks

Gain a full understanding of your body & health

Learn how your diet and lifestyle affects your body by checking key health markers. You can access your data at any time.

Hurry - only 897 slots left!

4.8  |  Based on 32,000 Happy Reviews

Get Inspired By These Transformative Experiences

How Hume Plus Drives Results That Last.

  • Peter lost 120 lbs

    “I have lost 120 pounds since starting Hume 8 months ago. It has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. I don't feel deprived in my diet and I am beginning to understand my relationship with food. I have gained a lot of insight into my eating habits and the effectiveness of my workout”

  • Sandra lost 23 lbs

    I grew up in a weight conscious era and as a result, have had an unhealthy relationship with diets. Thanks to Hume, I am learning so much about how different food affect my metabolism and MOST to develop a healthy relationship with food and the mind!!! I'm down 23 pounds and feel great! I'm learning life long tools for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Melanie lost 92 lbs

    “As someone who has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for years, I was excited to try out the FitTrack after a recommendation from my nutritionist.

    It’s been a GAME CHANGER! The app is so easy to use! and being able to see my progress beyond my weight has been super motivating!"

  • Rob lost 25 lbs

    “The app takes all the planning and micromanaging out of my way and I just simply follow the program and that's what I was looking for. I love how it takes into my habits and metabolic health to create programs that fit into my daily life. What really impressed me the most is that it doesn’t just focus on a diet or workout but on sleep and habit building as well”

  • Amanda lost 19 lbs

    I started using Hume since february- the progress I’ve made since then is amazing. You get a program built specifically for your metabolism and lifestyle. Everything feels very effortless because it meets you where you’re at. It is also very eye opening being able to see how your program is affecting your body and health in real time! Already lost 19 lbs in just 3 months! 

Enter the Hume Forever Body Challenge to win $100k cash

Hurry - only 897 slots left!

4.8  |  Based on 32,000 Happy Reviews    

How Hume Improves Your Lifestyle

  • Holistic Health Coaching

    With the power of AI, you'll be able to optimise areas of your health and connect the dots between sleep, diet and activity

  • Powerful Nutritionist

    Forget counting calories. Hume teaches a common sense, medically sound approach to making smart decisions about eating - Whether you're dining in or out

  • Sleep Doctor

    Learn how your sleep and metabolic health are connected. Get action plan that will help with restful sleep improve your metabolic health and enjoy sustainable weight loss

  • Personalized Workout Programs

    Get workout program that are tailored to your metabolism and schedule., this will allow you to fit in exercise even on busy days

Hume Changes How People Live Their Lives

Find out why +100,000 people trust Hume

4.8  |  Based on 32,000 Happy Reviews    

Terry Weiss


As someone who has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for years, I was excited to try this out. This has helped me to stay accountable and make more informed choices about my diet

@humehealth has really turned my life around. This is most exciting thing since the launch of the iphone


15 Sep 2022

James steinman (🇺🇸,🇺🇸)


the amazing thing about @humehealth is the personalized programs.

Gone are the days of restrictive diets or workout program that are not fit for your lifestyle. Everything is rooted in science. Being a beta user I was able to lose 20 lbs in just 2 months


25 Jan 2023

Alina Grudzien


Being able to understand how my sleep and what food affect my health has played a very big part in getting me in shape. — 🤯—



15 Sep 2023



Since joining @humehealth beta program for 3 months, I've lost 80 lbs! Who knew AI would be the fix to my problem after all this years..


15 Oct 2022

Sara Walker


Started @humehealth Tuesday. First “health app” I’ve been excited about. So much data 🤯

Turns out my blood sugar spikes heavily if I eat lunch at 3pm on an empty stomach. (Same lunch at noon day before with no reaction.)


4 Feb 2023

Danny Thompson


I have tried every diet you can possibly imagine and nothing was sustainable in the long run, I always end up gaining back all my weight.

That's until Hume. For the first time I've actually kept my weight off and also reduce my blood sugar levels!


25 Sep 2022

Thomas Hotskin MD


Hume has has a tremendous impact on my energy levels. I have energy in my late 40's that I didn't have in my 20's I don't think I was ever this good of shape


22 Feb 2023

Stephen Sinclair


I'm so grateful they took me as a beta user. I unlocked new benefits that went beyond weight loss, I started experiencing higher levels of energy and mental clarity. Because I was more focused, I was improving as a father, husband, and employee


15 Oct 2022

Robert Lustig MD


@humehealth is going to save lives! 3 months ago I signed up for their weight program, but ended with losing 48lbs in body fat and also saw a big lift in my blood pressure


1 Feb 2023

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Enter NOW before the doors close

Hurry - only 897/2500 slots left!









FitTrack Smart
Scale Included



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You save $120

4.8  |  Based on 32,000 Happy Reviews

Get the Hume Advance Health Program and win $100k in cash prize

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Weekly health reports and daily actionable insights

Virtual nutrition plan and nutrition tracking

100% Guaranteed Safe Checkout via SSL

“This isn't like anything I've tried before, it felt very effortless but within just 2 months, I started seeing changes in energy and body!”

Sara Walker 


Join our health challenge and get a chance to win a slice of $100,000 in cash prizes. Only 2,500 people can enter, so your odds are better than catching The Rock skipping leg day.

Disclaimer: Participation in the Hume Forever Body Challenge is subject to full Terms & Conditions. Remember, health is personal and results may vary. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new fitness program or making significant dietary changes.

4.8  |  Based on 32,000 Happy Reviews