Why This Is THE Most Popular Scale — Loved By A-List Celebrities Like The Kardashians and Joe Rogan

Weight is more than just a number. Get ahead in your health and fitness journey with deeper insights across 17 different metrics every man and woman should track.

Here's why the Hume Health Smart Scale is your perfect partner for achieving your goals...

Here's why the FitTrack Smart Scale is your perfect partner for achieving your goals...

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I’m Sold!

I’m very overweight so I get significant fluctuations in my weight day to day. I can be plus or minus several pounds between morning and evening. The smart scale lets me see what is really happening i.e.what is fat and what is water.

Katharine K.

 Verified Buyer

Highly Recommend!

I can't say enough good things about this company and product! The app is easy to use and being able to see my progress beyond weight has kept me super motivated

John B.

 Verified Buyer

Very accurate!

I wasn't sure at first, so I went and measure it with the DEXA scan and the results were surprisingly accurate! Really great product and good customer service as well

Jenne M.

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Limited Time Offer: 30% Discount

Get your Hume Health today and benefit from a full 30-day Money-back Guarantee


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Gabriella M.

This is an outstanding scale per review by MD

I am a board-certified internist as well as medical oncologist, and have a deep interest with issues of obesity. And I am a firm believer in biomarkers that act as telltales to indicate the state of health of patients. This scale measures multiple parameters and allows the user or a number of users to track their findings over time with charts. The app works on either iPhone or iPad and perhaps other devices as well. I have used this scale for approximately two weeks and find no issues that warrant anything less than a five star review.

Chelsea R.

From hand to feet accuracy

What I like about this scale is your actually measuring throughout your hands all the way down to your feet how much more accurate approach When it measures just your feet it just goes around one leg to the other and then assumes the rest of the body is built the same way That's inaccurate Now that I have all my measurements I have a baseline and I like that this scale and the app have a compare feature so I can always go back and look at day one how I started and compare how I ended up today.

Jamie S.

Fantastic! Totally worth it!

I have used the one at my gym and wanted one for home use. Provided the same level of information as the one I use at the gym! Very happy and saves me time and money! Track your fitness goals in 2024! Wether it�s body fat loss you want or muscle gains, this will give you the data you want!

Max C.

Excellent product! HIGHLY recommended!

I love the app that you can download onto your phone with it! It easily connected with my phone. I love all the information it gives me (more than just my weight (it tells me how much of my weight is water, is fat, is muscle, etc)). I love the way I'm able to compare how things (weight, fat, muscle, waist to hip ratio, etc) fluctuate over time! It was very easy to get everything started and setup correctly, and it has not been difficult at all to use on a daily basis. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone

Mya M.

A tool everyone should have

I used to see this item all the time at YMCA, and people even lineup to measure their body fat using it. I thought it should be really expensive that one doesn't buy it for that important functionality it provides, but that was only me thinking. The good aspects of this product are the following: - Easy to use. I didn't try other options for measuring body fat, but from what I read, this seems to be agreed upon to the be the easier technique to use. This product, with its simply instructions and user interface makes it even easier to use. - Insights: And by this I mean the 'advice' the App gives you on how to improve your health. Actually very helpful - The price. Again, it's cheap for what it does.

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