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Understand the connection between your data and your actions, so you know that each step you take is leading you towards better health.

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Your health shouldn't be a guessing game. Unlock powerful insights into how your diet and habits affect your body and health. Say goodbye to guesswork and the never-ending weight obsession.

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Our FitTrack Body Monitor uses multi-frequency analysis to deliver even more precise body composition metrics, including visceral fat, so you know what you are made of and can focus your health efforts.

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The average Hume member loses 9.8kg in their first 3 months.

"We recommend Hume's products to our patients and use it extensively at our hospitals because it is one of the more accurate smart scales you can get"
Dr Khan Marcs
Bariatricic Doctor
"My clients love being able to see how effective their diets and habits are even when the weight isn't moving! It's key to staying motivated and building healthier habits"
Emily Woods
Clinical Dietician - PHD
"What I love about the FitTrack is, it doesn't just gives you numbers but it helps you understand what it means and builds a coaching program based on your own health data."
Thomas Bartley
Crossfit Gold Medalist
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