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Why Did Hume Develop
the BDT 1.0 Technology?

Preventable chronic metabolic disease is wreaking havoc on human life, with over a billion people suffering, and that number is growing rapidly. Diabetes alone afflicts hundreds of millions of people globally. At Hume Health, our team realized that the latest advancements in bio-sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning technology could be combined with advanced medical science data to solve this epidemic with Bio-Digital Twin (BDT) technology.

This brings us one step closer to our mission: Making preventable chronic metabolic disease just that–prevented. With BDT 1.0, you can make informed decisions regarding your health, take back control, and understand the habits that make and break your body—all from the comfort of your own home. Health for all is finally within reach.

The Technical Principle of Hume BDT Technology

Hume’s Digital Twin uses deep learning algorithms to generate insights and recommendations based on a user's bio-markers and health profile. It is a machine-learning model that uses self-attention mechanisms to process and generate insights.

By collecting and analyzing your health data this way, the Digital Twin can accurately simulate your behavior per the laws of biology. This knowledge can help you or your health professional identify problems and develop solutions to improve your overall health and performance. Additionally, the Digital Twin can simulate your behavior in new scenarios, allowing health professionals to identify potential problems before they occur in the real world.

One of the critical features of the BDT 1.0 architecture is its ability to learn from large amounts of data and get smarter over time. We trained BDT 1.0 on a massive amount of health data and population cohorts, which includes a wide range of issues from diabetes management to weight loss. The model then generates insights and recommendations that are highly relevant to you. As a result, BDT 1.0, in its current state, exhibits a level of knowledge and understanding similar to that of a health coach.

Why Is Hume’s Bio-Digital Twin Technology so Good?

There are several reasons why Hume BDT 1.0  is considered a revolutionary tool for users looking to manage weight, prevent or reverse disease, or unlock youthful energy.

Personalized Care: A Bio-Digital Twin allows customized care for reaching health goals. Data is tracked and analyzed in real time so that you or your healthcare provider can provide tailored advice, treatments, and interventions designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Data-Driven Insights: You can use your Bio-Digital Twin to access a variety of data points and gain deeper insight into your overall health. Biometric data, medical and lifestyle history, genetic information, and more are processed to provide health programs and personalized advice.

Improved Health Outcomes: Bio-Digital Twin technology allows for improved health outcomes and more progress in reaching your health goals. By tracking and analyzing data in real-time, healthcare professionals can quickly intervene when an individual is at risk for a particular condition or illness and provide personalized advice to help them reach their goals faster and more effectively.

Cost Savings: By using a Bio-Digital Twin, healthcare providers can identify potential health problems before they become expensive to treat. Reducing healthcare costs while allowing for better patient outcomes in a much more cost-effective manner is one of the motivations behind the creation of BDT 1.0.

All of these benefits make Bio-Digital Twins a must for anyone looking to reach their health goals.

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