How to weigh in?

Unraveling the Enchantment of Weigh-Ins with Hume Health

Embarking on the Health Journey with Hume Health

Embarking on your health journey with Hume Health involves a simple yet powerful ritual – the weigh-in. Let's unravel the enchantment behind this process and understand how it sets the stage for your transformative experience.

Connectivity: Open Sesame!

Launch the Hume Health app on your device, ensuring it remains open throughout your weigh-in for seamless synchronization. Don’t forget to activate Bluetooth.

The Weigh-In

Step 1 - Step Right Up: Place yourself upon the scale, and witness your weight elegantly unveiled.

Step 2 - Flashing Zeroes: The scale now graces you with flashing zeroes, orchestrating its analysis of your body composition.

Step 3 - The Standstill Symphony: Remain poised on the scale until the measurement symphony concludes its harmonious composition.

Step 4 - The Grand Reveal: Your Hume Health app will seamlessly guide you to the majestic unveil of your weigh-in results.

The Science Behind the Weigh-In Enchantment

Now that you've glimpsed the elegant dance of your weigh-in, let's unveil the wizardry that happens beneath the surface. The magic lies in the scientific prowess of electronic signals and sensors. Our Smart Scales are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors. A small electronic signal will be sent through your body, measuring your body composition. This signal travels fast through fat but faces much more resistance in muscle tissue. This resistance is what allows us to measure your body composition.

In need for the most accurate results?

While our Dara scale gives you incredibly accurate results, our Body Pod takes it to the next level. The Body Pod's handle has sensors in it, so it can also ensure accurate readings of your upper body composition, providing a holistic view beyond what traditional scales can offer.

No Harm, All Charm

The electronic signals used are completely safe and painless. They navigate your body with finesse, leaving you with nothing but the enchantment of insights and data-driven revelations.

Join the Journey with Hume Health

Ready to embark on your health journey with Hume Health? Start your transformative experience today!

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