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Get detailed insights on how your body is responding to different food and lifestyle habits and start making data driven lifestyle choices and reach your health goals today.
Get detailed insights on how your body is responding to different food and lifestyle habits and start making data driven lifestyle choices and reach your health goals today.

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All of these plans include:
Health Score
Science Backed Insights
Health Coach ( basically a way to frame
recommendations from insights)
Shareable Health Report
Nutrition Tracking & Plan
AI Food Scan and Bar Code Scan
Personalized Fitness and Wellness Plan
Note: You will need to have a smart watch and a body monitor to build your digital twin

If you want to get unlimited access to the product
and beta features for the rest of your life. 

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Everything You Need to Know

What is included in the Hume Membership? 

With Hume, you will get access to

  • Free Body Composition Monitor

  • Weekly health analysis and health score every week

  • Personalized health insights & recommendations

  • Virtual Nutritionist

  • Nutrition tracking & foodscan

  • Workout programs tailored to your goals

  • Digital twin creation

  • Behavioral program

  • Predictive Analysis

Is there a money back guarantee, Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime before your 30 day trial period ends and get a full refund by reaching out to . If you have selected the offer with free hardware, just reach out to and return it within 30 days of purchase.

What makes Hume Health different from other online health programs?

With many programs, losing weight is the only point. Hume Health is designed to help change your habits and promote lasting, life-long health that is suited for you. By having access to your biomarkers and habits, Hume’s AI program has been proven to be 38x more effective at helping users reach their goals faster and making the results stick.

That’s not all. Unlike human experts, our AI studies your body and considers your unique lifestyle and goals, so you no longer have to endure generic diet and exercise programs that don't fit your needs. Achieve unprecedented levels of health and fitness with us

I've tried so many programs before and nothing has worked... How is this different?

Most fitness and diet programs do not work. They fail to understand your unique metabolic health and lifestyle that really matter. Once you join the membership, there’s no going back! Within the first 6 weeks, you will see dramatic improvements in your energy levels, body and even healthier insulin and cholesterol levels from our programs. There’s a reason why we are used by Olympic athletes and modern weight loss centers. Most of our clients failed countless times before jumping on this program!

What if I don’t have a smart device?

If you don’t have a wearable, dont worry! Hume will be able to pull sleep and activity data directly from your smartphone health app to build your digital replica. Hume will also provide a FREE body composition monitor to measure 17 different health metrics which will be used to build your digital clone

Join the Ranks of Pro Athletes &
Reach Your Fitness Goals

"To achieve the level that is required to perform in the olympics, understanding how to optimize my health is key and FitTrack has been very helpful with that."
Paul Biedermann
Olympic Gold Medalist
"Being able to sync and see all my health data from my Dara 2.0 scale has been such a game changer."
Brittany Carter
NWSL - Orlando Pride
"I'm always looking for ways to level up and improve my health, using FitTrack and Hume together has allowed me to learn a lot about my health."
Erin Carter
Celebrity Fitness Trainer
Paul Biedermann
Olympic Gold Medalist
Brittany Carter
NWSL - Orlando Pride
Erin Carter
Celebrity Fitness Trainer