The only culture-driven well-being program that goes beyond incentives 

Put quality care within reach at every step of your employees' healthcare journey — from chronic illness prevention, mental health, and specialty wellness. 

Innovate the way you engage your employees
Hume Solutions assist HR and CSR professionals in addressing workplace low staff productivity and low workplace morale, burnouts by transforming the traditional “corporate wellness program”.
Data Driven Wellbeing

Motivate your teams to take care of their physical and mental health through accessible health data anytime, anywhere.

Friendly competition

Create fun challenges, powered by real health data to make health management fun, engaging and impactful.

Community building

Build a vibrant and inclusive corporate culture that celebrates memorable moments, fostering a sense of belonging.

Make an impact

Create a purpose-driven organization that mobilizes your people around ESG & CSR goals.

Our fun & user-friendly features
Health Dashboard

Understand how your daily choices impact your overall health and make better decisions a

Personalized Coaching 

Get data-driven feedback, coaching, and even health alerts powered by your own health data. It doesn’t get more powerful than that. 


Ignite your competitive spirit and achieve your goals with exciting challenges


Celebrate your milestones, big and small with our own rewarding system

How we make a difference
Boost employee wellbeing, effortlessly

increase in employee productivity and reduction in sick days


of employees report being engaged or highly engaged 


reduction in turnover


of employees with obesity and high risk of chronic illness lowered their risk levels year-over-year. 

We’re here for you
Our customer success managers help you tackle your challenges, meet your engagement goals and measure your results.

Foster an engaged and healthy work environment today with Hume Solutions