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Unlock personalized insights and coaching with the new Dara 2.0 + Hume Plus experience.

Unlock personalized insights and coaching with the new Dara 2.0 + Hume Plus experience.

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Up to 20% more accurate
Additional sensors and proprietary technology allow Dara 2.0 to deliver more precise measurements to give a deeper understanding of your body.
Enhanced New ExperienceHume Plus offers an enhanced in-app experience and helps you reach your health goals with personalized coaching and Objectives, along with the unique Insights you need to keep getting healthier.
Up to 30% Larger The larger base measuring at (12.8 x 12.8 x 1.1 in) allows for significantly better stability for older users and users with bigger feet
Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity
 Upgraded Bluetooth technology to ensure consistent and reliable connectivity with Hume.

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"To achieve the level that is required to perform in the olympics, understanding how to optimize my health is key and FitTrack has been very helpful with that."
Paul Biedermann
Olympic Gold Medalist
"Being able to sync and see all my health data from my Dara 2.0 scale has been such a game changer."
Brittany Carter
NWSL - Orlando Pride
"I'm always looking for ways to level up and improve my health, using FitTrack and Hume together has allowed me to learn a lot about my health."
Erin Carter
Celebrity Fitness Trainer
Paul Biedermann
Olympic Gold Medalist
Brittany Carter
NWSL - Orlando Pride
Erin Carter
Celebrity Fitness Trainer
Harness Your Health Potential
with the Hume Health App
12-Month Plan Hume Health

People often ask us

What is Hume Health?

Hume Health is the World's #1 Health Management App that uses Bio-Digital Twin technology to help users reach their weight goals, reverse and prevent chronic metabolic diseases through the revolutionary power of digital twin technology and AI. FitTrack Dara 2.0 users will now be able to build their own digital twin using their smart scale and any wearable smart device.

What is a digital twin?

A bio digital twin (BDT1.0) is a virtual model of an individual’s biological systems developed by Hume & FitTrack. Your twin is created using data captured from bio-sensors from your smart scale, wearable technology, and lifestyle information. One of the key features of Hume’s Bio Digital Twin, is its ability to get smarter over time with more data, allowing users to analyze their health and well-being, as well as predict potential outcomes in the future. This makes it useful for a wide range of applications, such as creating a program for weight loss, prevention of metabolic diseases.

What is the difference between FitTrack Dara 1.0 and 2.0

Featuring 25% more accuracy than its predecessor the Dara 1.0, the Dara 2.0 has also been equipped with a larger base for an unbeatable level of stability — and it can even create an exact digital twin using 17 different biomarkers. Unlock incredible insight into your own health and wellbeing and make sure you always know exactly what’s going on inside your body with the help of the revolutionary Dara 2.0 from FitTrack.

Has Hume Digital Twin technology been validated?

Hume’s Digital Twin technology has been validated in multiple studies as well as peer-reviewed and scientifically proven to be an accurate tool to help build healthy habits effectively.

How can a Hume Plus help me lose weight?

Hume Plus can help you lose weight faster by providing you with detailed insights into your body's health and wellbeing. By understanding how your body functions, a Hume Plus enables you to make better-informed decisions about diet and exercise. It helps track your vital signs, offering personalized suggestions for the best way to reach your fitness goals faster. With Hume Plus BDT technology on your side, losing weight is fast and easy!

Discover How Hume Health App + Dara 2.0
Scale Have Helped Others Reach their Goals

Jane Cooper
 Not only only did I lose weight with Hume, my doctor cut my thyroid medication in half! I'm mentally a lot stronger and much more deliberate on what I eat and do everyday. 
Julie Stone
As a busy mom, I was skeptical that I would be able to find the time to dedicate to my own health, but Hume Health gave me the tools and motivation I needed! I've been using it for just a few weeks and already lost weight! It's so easy to use and understand - plus, the trackers and insights are incredibly helpful.
Robert Estrada
3 months following Hume's program, I started experiencing higher levels of energy and mental clarity. Because I was more focused, I was improving as a father, husband and employee!